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Our facilitators work in the community in capacities such as social work, counselling, psychology, art therapy, and alternative healing. They come to Sheena’s Place to run their groups once or twice a week. The purpose of this directory is to help you learn more about the facilitators at Sheena’s Place. In it you will find information about each facilitator’s professional credentials, philosophy/theoretical approach, and experience working with individuals who have eating disorders/disordered eating/body image issues. You will also find information about the facilitators who provide counselling services privately. Our hope is that this directory will assist you in two ways:

  1. Provide you with information about facilitators to assist you in making an informed decision about which groups you would like to attend at Sheena’s Place; and
  2. Provide you with basic information if you are seeking a practitioner for individual counselling.
Ali Henderson Anna Portoraro Annie Basterfield
Ara Blumenfeld Corinne Lee Courtney Watson
Cynthia Shea Deb Berlin-Romalis Debbie Anderson
Emma Baril Jamie Farquhar Jesse Hayman
Julia Pearce Laura Hartley Lauren Drouillard
Leslie McCallum Lisa Pont Margaret Powell
Maureen Mahan Nadine Salz Roberta Boughton
Sara Robb Shelly Dilawri  Sonya V. Thursby
Victoria Freeman