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Sheena’s Place offers four types of groups

Support Groups offer individuals the opportunity to help each other in an informal setting with the philosophy that individuals are the experts of their own experience. Guided by a professional facilitator, people can share their stories and receive encouragement from others, which for many is the first step in moving from isolation to becoming part of a community and feeling a sense of belonging. This type of group is also available for families, friends and partners.

Body Image Groups heighten awareness about the connection between mind and body through the use of various techniques including gentle physical movement and the exploration of feelings and perceptions. Participants will rediscover their strengths and learn new ways to manage the stresses of daily life.

Skill Building Groups present techniques to cope with feelings, modify behaviours and change circumstances that impact on healthy living.

Expressive Arts Groups encourage participants to find their “voice” through the various art mediums of painting/drawing, writing, and through musical activities such as singing or the playing of instruments, to express feelings and release difficult emotions. Please click here to view some of the artwork created during our ongoing art studio group.

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