This is Sheena’s Place’s Client-Centred Blog that features our recovery stories, art, struggles, poetry, interviews, and many more, which all follow a set of safe space guidelines. We recognize that everyone is at a different place in their recovery. Food, weight, dieting, calories, specific eating disordered behaviours, or exercise behaviours can often be triggering, and are therefore not published on this blog. To submit your work, please email and read about Sheena’s Place’s blog moderator, Kira, here.

Having an Eating Disorder in an Obese Body

Dear Readers, It is time for me to publish one of the more potentially sensitive posts. This particular piece sparked a great deal of discussion…

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henini By Katharine Angelina Love

Dear Readers! It is another beautiful day in Toronto as I sit on a patio writing to you. This week we are featuring a poem…

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Making Connections – Making Friends By Kim

Dear Readers, One of the most meaningful parts of being a client at Sheena’s Place is the connections that you make with people in groups….

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Day by Day By Kate

Dear Readers, This week, Kate writes about what it is like to face recovery one day at a time.  Take good care of yourself, and…

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Thought Records By Andrea Lynn Ferguson

Dear Readers, One of the wonderful and humbling aspects of this community is the vast variety of skills we share and learn from each other….

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