Dear Readers, 

Do you like change? Are you afraid of change? Is it something you avoid like me? 

Change is inevitable. Every moment there is a change. A shift. A new breath. And the next breath. Always new, always changing. 

Someone once told me to look at change as opportunity. Each moment is an opportunity; to speak to write to to read to sing to reset. 

Change can be terrifying. Clinging to what I know, no matter how awful, because it feels safer than the unknown. It feels safer to stay here in the midst of the storm because I don’t want to think about the clean up after – about picking up the broken pieces and putting my selves back together again. 


It is very common to avoid it. To ignore it. To repeat old patterns. To stay in the mud, just sitting there. Stuck. The mud, as sticky and gross as it is, feels safer than finding ways to climb out because that climbing is work. It is a lot of work to do, not knowing what is on the other side of that giant mud pile. 

This week Sharon asks us, with her powerful words, to imagine change. 

Take good care of yourself and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. 

Your moderator, 


Photograph by Sharon Miller

I had put down in writing my fear of the unknown 

I too pined for pastoral description

The blue of the water was the blue of the world

Newness does not, for me, equal satisfaction or peace

A tedious fabric moving through time without malice

An act of oration, rebellion, inventory, fantasy, 

The sound of the earth closing its one good eye over me

Imagine: you reach out towards the margin’s white hand

You do what your poems want and are clean 

When you lay down your thorns you will be done 

You do not take up arms against anyone 

Words and photograph by Sharon Miller