Sheena’s Place stands with #BlackOutTuesday. While today is World Eating Disorders Action Day, we are choosing to listen to the voices of Black mental health advocates and professionals rather than sharing other content. Our vision at Sheena’s Place is to transform lives, build community, and eliminate stigma. We cannot work towards this vision without acknowledging and fighting the impact of anti-Black racism on the health of Black individuals and communities. Research shows that experiences of oppression, poverty, and other forms of trauma (including police brutality) increase a person’s risk of developing many physical and mental health challenges – including eating disorders. In the words of our friends at

NEDIC – National Eating Disorder Information Centre

, “We often say that ‘all bodies are good bodies’ and we firmly believe that is true. But, at the same time, beauty ideals rooted in white supremacy impact whose body is perceived as “good” and whose body is perceived as a threat. Body positivity exists because of activists who are often fat Black women. We are grateful for their incredible work and strive to promote it.”

Starting June 23, Sheena’s Place will be offering a virtual BIPOC Support Group for the BIPOC community to hold space for those who want to discuss how racism and shadeism impact our relationships with our bodies and eating behaviours. Contact us for more information or to provide feedback on how we can continue to make our services more accessible and responsive to the needs of Black folks in our community.