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Did you know?

  • Men face enormous body image pressures. Research indicates that a significant number of men are unhappy with their body shapes and weight and one-third of male adolescents engage in unhealthy weight control behaviours, such as steroid use, excessive exercising or restrictive eating.
  • Recent studies suggest that as many as 1 in 4 cases of eating disorders occur in males, with rates of binge eating being equal in both men and women.

A Hidden Problem

  • Men are less likely to seek out mental health support services because of social gender norms that say being ‘masculine’ means being ‘independent’, and ‘invulnerable.’
  • When it comes to disordered eating, men are less likely to seek out support and often delay seeking treatment until their condition is severe.
  • The belief that eating disorders are a female-only issue adds to this stigma, making it even harder for men to talk about their struggle and look for treatment or support.


What are we doing to help?

  • Sheena’s Place now offers Be There: Monthly Men’s Meet-Up, specifically for self-identified men with body image, weight and shape, food or exercise concerns
  • This monthly group offers a safe space for men to come together and discuss their shared challenges, while also having fun and trying new activities.
  • In the past, the group has learned about song writing, carved a checkers set, made lino-print cards, explored photography and more
  • If you’re interest in attending, please email our Program Manager.