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Respect other group members

  • Please arrive on time and leave the room within 15 minutes of the group finishing. Group members who arrive more than 20 minutes after the meeting begins will not be able to take part in the group that day.

  • Let the group know early in the meeting if you will be leaving early.

  • Please silence all cell phones and/or electronics.


  • Members should not describe anything discussed in group with others outside of group. This applies to the facilitator as well. You may share with others your own contributions to the discussion, but not what others have shared, or any details about other members, including names, appearance, or any other personal information.

  • We encourage group members to foster supportive friendships with one another. However, if you see other group members out in public, do not approach or acknowledge that you know each other unless you have discussed before hand that you are each comfortable in doing so.

  • There are exceptions to confidentiality. All facilitators have a duty to report (1) anyone who indicates they wish to harm themselves or others; (2) if there are suspicions of abuse of a minor; or (3) if there is suspected sexual abuse against anyone by a regulated health professional.

Off-limit topics

  • In an effort to make the group as safe as possible, we do not discuss food, weight, dieting, calories, specific eating-disordered behaviours or exercise behaviours. We can refer to being more or less “symptomatic”, but you cannot say, for example, “I used to weigh x number of pounds”, or “I ran x miles”.

Speak from an “I” Perspective

  • Own your feelings. The use of “you” may be interpreted as offering advice or an interpretation of someone else’s experience.

Sharing the floor

  • If you are normally one to share a lot, maybe pull back a little and create space for others to share. If you are someone who normally doesn’t speak often then consider sharing a bit about what’s been going on with you lately.

No food in group rooms

  • Please eat in the dining room or in the healing garden. Beverages are allowed in group rooms with the exception of those marked “diet”.

Please note that Sheena’s Place is a scent-free space.