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In this piece, Oren shares the experience of the pain that love can bring with the simple yet complicated sentence, “the pains of love are forever haunting”. Love can feel so elusive. Both love for ourselves and love from others. Oren explores how love can be beautiful and painful.

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By Oren

Down at the center of my core
Lays a light once so bright and now so dim
So faintly seen to the eye but felt by the heart.
The power of my light is uncanny once opened.
Locked up behind the bars of fear and pain.
Never to truly feel the light of another again.
And illuminate ever so brightly the atmosphere of that special someone.
The lock on my light not easily opened.
The key to the lock has been lost and happily forgotten.
For the pains of love are forever haunting
The wounds of love bear the mark of lost innocence.
The meaning of the light is hard to comprehend to the faint at heart.
The pains and fears have tainted my once massively flaming heart.
To the glowing marble it is today.
Where once lay pumping my naive, loving heart
Now lay a wounded, dim hollow.
Awaiting the arrival of that special key to open the chains
And unleash my love.