Dear Blog Readers,

Welcome to the Annual Sheena’s Place Art Show in honour of Jennifer Haberman. This year is different because of Covid 19. We are unable to come together to celebrate each other through our art. That doesn’t mean we can’t share the experience in a different way. This week we are featuring Monica Loney, an Intuitive Artist.

To be part of this online art show, please send your submissions to and we will feature your work on our blog.

Take care of yourself, and remember to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Kira, your blog moderator


Monica Loney- Intuitive Artist
October 16, 2020
Continuous line pencil drawing with ink overlay on a 7in x 10in mixed media vellum paper surface.
‘Trapped’ is inspired by the exhausted journey one faces on the road to recovery and healing. A recovery journey that has been kept secret. The girl in the photo has reached a breaking point as she is letting go of the picture perfect persona she has been putting on display. The usage of the continuous line in the drawing is a representation of the continuous battle between revealing your truths or keeping them hidden as a result of the shame that surrounds the suffering. As an intuitive artist, I meditate and tap in to my connection with the Divine and self. I ask to receive images and messages that need to be revealed. ‘Trapped’ came forth at a time when my struggles were no longer under my control anymore and old habits had begun to return. I hope my vulnerability in sharing this piece removes any shame others may have and to seek outside help – as this is not a burden to bear alone. There is no shame to keep hidden. You are worthy of healing.