Art Show 5

Dear blog readers,

Welcome to the 5th instalment in our virtual art show.

Practicing Letting Go – Painted Bottles
In group we talked about perfectionism and how hard it is to let go of that. To push the envelope and try things that might not work out the way we ‘want’. (Why do we want that?) Here is the result of painting with nail-polish thick paint on rounded surfaces. 🙂
Birch and maple are the trees of my childhood. (Land of the Silver Birch…etc. )
Waves: water is calming. I mean to use this for water.
Abstract (two views) the bottle is not perfect and neither am I.  It’s a message for me that there’s lots more to come.
(two views of the spiral/webby one) The experience of painting on glass was hard to begin, but turned out okay in the end.
The thought cloud represents my inner and outer emotional communication experience.
(the gold one w/red lips) Shut your mouth – sassiness to release anger.