Dear Readers,

We are “more than what

we do, or have, or give.” That sentence is worth reading again.

We are “more than what

we do, or have, or give.”

This week I have combined words by K.A.Love, with art by Angela Ting.

Upon reading the poem, I immediately thought of Ting’s work. The two compliment each other and send the same message of you are enough. Because you are enough.

You. You as you are right now in this very moment are enough.

Take care of yourself, and remember to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Your blog moderator,




many years ago i came

to the wailing wall

along with my fellow



to push my wishes

into the cracks of

those ancient

hebraic bricks.


given the opportunity

to face again


the broken stones,


this time around

i would leave my

childish wishes



and offer up instead

a simple prayer

for myself and

for sentient beings



a prayer of surrender

that we all may

stop resisting and just

allow the mystery


to enter our bodies


letting every fiber of our

beings vibrate

with the certainty

that we


are loved


for more than what

we do, or have, or give.

so we can finally



into the revelation

that we

are right in this


very moment,


perfectly enough.