EDAW: Sitting with Myself


Without the hustle of my job,

And the bustle of my friends

Without the escape of the theatre,

And the warm camaraderie of meals shared


I am alone


In my apartment of ones

One bedroom, one chair,

One toothbrush, one key

No distractions, only me


I cannot escape my thoughts

I cannot grind them with my teeth

I cannot swallow them whole


At first, a curse,

Like an animal caged,

I raged at the walls

I howled through the bars


But time has eroded the sharp edges

It has dulled the ache

It has shone light into the dark places

That i have hidden for so long


I have sat with myself

With my pain and my scars

I have read my history as a book

And studied it’s lessons


I have embraced these walls

Not as a cage, but a cocoon

A space to reflect and reform

To emerge strong, and newly formed


I have planted myself,

In my solitude and grew to hope,

And like soil, it nourishes me

I am grounded, and I start to flourish

By Kelly McAllister