Dear Readers!

It is another beautiful day in Toronto as I sit on a patio writing to you. This week we are featuring a poem called “henini” which in Hebrew means “I am here”. What a wonderful title for a poem about the loss and grief associated with Eating Disorders and the powerful fight in our hearts.

I wish you all wellness and kindness.

Take good care of yourself, and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Your blog moderator,


henini By Katharine Angelina Love  

i’m mourning the

loss of my tribe.

i’m mourning the

loss of my dreams.

i’m mourning

 the loss

 of my innocence.

i’m mourning

the loss

of my last hiding place.

i’m mourning the loss of


no more offers

to get it right.

i have lost the battle,

that has raged on

for so long,

i can’t even


who started

the war.

i lie down

in the hot

sand and


“i am alive,

i am alive!”

said my still

throbbing heart

to the sand, to the

sky, and to me.

here i am.