Loving and Leaving ED

Dear Readers,

I hope that the days of sunshine we have had have given you some hope and energy. The Spring is coming.

This week, we hear from Niki Policelli, who has written a musical called “Loving and Leaving ED”. When asked what inspired her to write her musical, she responded with a poem.

Be kind to yourself and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


Grade 4, Highschool, then Married,
this secret that I hid, had finally reached a point that I had to admit.
My husband said it’s time, that I must let it out,
but I could not explain what “ED” was all about.
Even though I tried, the disorder felt like shame. So deep, So dark, so secret, How could I explain?
My work, My marriage suffered, I felt I needed help,
but resources so limited, So more alone I felt.
I called centres, coaches, Dr’s, they charged a hefty Fee, and I could not get in to the ones they offered free.    So here explains the reason for why I wrote the show.
To help the scared describe it, and offer where to go.
I want to be the voice for those who can’t express,
their shame, fear and confusion, what holds them in distress.
My show will Teach the Teachers, the partners and the friends,
I’ll offer two support groups, my show will have no end.
Please join me in the mission to help by which we can,
By supporting, caring, sharing, you’re lending me a hand. So if you’re out there feeling there’s too much you can’t say…
I wrote the show for us… it’s how I found my way…..

Niki Policelli