My Eating Disorder

Dear Readers,

Recovery is work. Hard work. And when a doctor decides you are physically recovered, the psychological and emotional journey continues. It isn’t easy. There’s the physical changes, the thought patterns, the distressing emotions, and the feeling of being completely alone. I hope this blog can make Recovery a bit easier, simply by knowing that we are NOT alone.

This week, Kasia describes her experience of physical recovery and the knowledge that the journey includes healing. A facilitator at Sheena’s Place says, “a trigger is a place inside that needs to be healed”. 

Take good care of yourself, and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

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My Eating disorder 

(why not just call it rules and self inflicted unwritten prescriptions for the crazy societal norm)

started at around age 8 and a half.

By the time i was 13 i was admitted to a Hospital for sick children

i was really confused to say the least.

i had to stay for about 7 weeks.

31 years later i started getting my period

yet at this point in my life

i see my body with much more


than in previous years

yet i’m not done healing yet

just because the hormonal axis have managed to regulate themselves.


By Kasia