my new friend

Dear Blog Readers,

How you think of your ED? Is it external or internal? Is it a monster to slay, or a friend to love? Is it a villain to battle, or an ally to protect? Is it a toxic relationships, or someone that needs to be nurtured? People experience and envision their EDs in different ways. Early in my journey, I was a warrior battling my inner demons, fighting against this illness. In my case, losing. Later, I began to think of ED as a child who needed to be nurtured and taken care of. When I began to take care of that part of me, the symptoms began to fade. I gave that child what they needed, and that child learned how to take care of them self. In this post, Ariel describes her ED as a friend inside her head.

Be kind to yourself, and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Your blog moderator,



” my new friend”  By Ariel

As I watch of what was I

I find myself lost in what am i

Despite the pain by ed

Why am i wanting that ungrateful friend

Am i sad or scared of my head

That i will find my ed again

As time moves on

I find a new friend inside my head

And I forget why I loved ed

I begin to live in color

And have peace inside my head

As time moves on

I no longer miss ed

And find myself loving my new friend

The one who never heard of ed