The Fire

Dear Readers,

There are times when recovery is just plain hard. There’s no silver lining. There’s “no jazz hands”. There’s nothing that makes it feel good. And yet it is still worth it. You still find a way to keep going. Whatever it is that gives you that tiny spark, hold onto it. Let that spark become a flame and the flame become the fire inside of you. And if all you have right now is the spark, that’s okay too. You are where you need to be. And when you’re ready, you’ll find the flame.

Take care of yourself and remember to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Your moderator,


The Fire

By A.G.

Inside me there’s a light

a small light

a light that flickers on and off

never extinguished but hard to see.

The light is a spark that will ignite into a raging fire that will drive me forward.

Make me fly.

Make me cry.

The ache inside of me burns and the burn is the flame that lights the way.

I will not be swayed.

I will not stop.

Though I stumble and get lost, the spark in me becomes a flame.

And I will go on.