Thought Records

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One of the wonderful and humbling aspects of this community is the vast variety of skills we share and learn from each other. Our fantastic facilitators offer a wide range of tools for recovery and the knowledge gained from discussing and sharing within the community makes recovery a possibility. In this post, Andrea shares her experiences with Thought Records. If you are interested in learning more about it, you can google information or images and try them out!

Take care, and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

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Thought Records 

By Andrea Lynn Ferguson

Thought Records have been an exceptionally helpful tool over the course of my recovery. They take you out of your head when you’re lost in a downward spiral and ask you to translate your thoughts into words and draw connections between your thoughts, feelings, and corresponding needs.

I have always found that things seem more manageable when I put them down on paper. The information I discover about myself through completing a Thought Record guides me as I’m learning to identify my emotions, and assess my needs, at any given moment.

I continue to rely on Thought Records to get through difficult emotions. Sometimes they’re uncomfortable and I don’t do them as often as I need to. However, even a few every now and again is fruitful and worthwhile. Developing a curiosity about myself and my emotions has been a pivotal part of my recovery thus far, and I couldn’t have gotten there without Thought Records.