VIRTUAL THINGS TO DO during this difficult time

Dear Readers,

Where do I even begin? Covid 19 is affecting us in a variety of complex and interconnected ways. We have no experience for a time like this; nothing to look back on to say “I made it through and I will make it again.” We are in a challenging time of change, uncertainty, and upheaval – things that can make Eating Disorders loud and symptoms heightened. I wanted to (virtually) check in on all of you. You can participate in this blog by sharing your stories, ideas, or comments by emailing

Despite physical distancing, we do not have to be entirely alone at this time. Sheena’s Place is offering a limited number of online groups with registration opening today. We all know that waiting lists are stressful and frustrating, so I want to provide you with other options. At the bottom of this post you will find a list of online resources for people affected by Eating Disorders.

For people who are not considered an “essential service” or not working from home, the hours can pass by so slowly. Coming up with ways to pass the time can become an uphill battle. I’ve had my moments of napping just because I was bored, or literally staring at nothing because I just couldn’t do one more painting or knit one more pair of socks. Many people feel uplifted through the arts, travel, reading, adventure, or benefit from positive distractions. I am here to provide you with a list of virtual activities that you can participate in from home. Museums, art galleries, opera, ballet, the symphony, the zoo! Global communities are coming together to provide virtual experiences to reduce the emotional and physical isolation so many of us are experiencing.

With the help of Carol MacLellan, I have put together a comprehensive list of options.


NOTE: Sheena’s Place does its best to ensure that there are as few triggers as possible both in person and in this online community. I have viewed each site and have not found any current triggering content. Sheena’s Place cannot be responsible for content added to these sites in the future.







Other Arts:






Armchair Tourism:






Games / Kids / Just for Fun:




I hope that this list helps you to keep occupied and supported through this time.

Take care, and be sure to nourish your body, mind, and spirit,

Your moderator,